zipdragon ventures

early stage investing and advisory in climate tech


zipdragon lives at the nexus of climate tech and digital

what we do venn diagram What we do: power, mobility, buildings, water and waste


Investing in the early stages of a company’s evolution

Investment thesis

zipdragon focuses on startups at the intersection of climate tech and digital, investing in capital efficient early-stage startups addressing meaningful problems.

Focuses on founders, their ability to lead, and the culture they inspire.

Embraces the early stage but expects short revenue ramp; willing to lead transactions (with priced rounds or convertible notes) and serve on boards.

Emphasizes capital efficiency (attracted to high-velocity, low-friction sales models), investing in pre-seed, seed, and Series A.

Offers hands-on advice leveraging prior SaaS operating experience and network of experts.

Invests across the US with a focus on innovation hubs where zipdragon has deep connections.

Nurtures relationships with co-investors to build strong syndicates and follow-on financings.

Direct Investment Portfolio


Identifying solutions for forward-thinking companies and investors

Selected highlights

Senior investment advisor in energy provider’s global corporate venture capital (CVC) arm.

Designed and running a digital innovation program for a leading clean energy company.

Launched an innovative sourcing program and developed a pipeline of potential partners for a global industrials company.

Co-created a pilot debt fund to invest in emerging market distributors of solar systems.



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